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The Forum is the 'think-tank' of the PPN website. In this, the visitors, especially the youth, are encouraged to present their opinions freely. The Forum regularly updates its page with quotations from great thinkers. For example:

I do not believe in the doctrine of the greatest good of the greatest number. The only real, dignified, human doctrine is the greatest good of all. - Mahatma Gandhi

My India is one of the topics of the Forum. As a visitor to the PPN Website you are free air your opinion. As a thinking person, what is your idea, your concept of India? How do you propose to go about achieving your goal? What would be your advice to PPN in its endeavour to meet the goals set in its Vision Statement? From time to time, the Forum proposes to conduct debates and discussions on key issues affecting society in economic, political and social spheres.

Another topic for debate is "India vs Bharat" or Two nations Vs Two notions

The issue of India vs Bharat, cropping up time and again when the anomalies in economic development in urban and rural area of the country are discussed and debated. In fact, it is not a tale of two nations at war as the topic implies. In fact it is the tale two notions complementing each other. PPN believes that two - India and Bharat - can survive and thrive only when they support each other. India collapses without Bharat's support. Bharat withers away without India's support. In today's context, India is an urban entity, thronging with a 300-million strong middle-class with tremendous purchasing power, mostly living in cities and bigger towns. On the other hand, Bharat constitutes most of the 70 percent plus population living in villages and the rural country, with agricultural as its livelihood.

Today, India's popular image is a country on the fast track of industrialization, driven by advanced technology. The fact is India's economy is agriculture-based. Nearly 70 percent of the country's billion plus population depends upon agriculture and allied activities for its livelihood. The impact of agriculture on the economy is clearly seen when the country is bestowed with a good monsoon. The demand for every consumer item shoots up, including bullion. But failure of a single monsoon can trigger inflation and a sharp drop in the sale of white gods. In conditions of drought, it is the farmers' suicides that hit the newspaper headlines.

The general perception of the country that is projected both in the print and electronic media is that while the India of malls and markets is shining, the Bharat of villages is suffering. Occasional surveys and studies reveal that vast sections of Indian population survive on income as low as Rs 20 per day. It sounds bizarre against the claims that India is marching ahead in the 21st century as an economic powerhouse. Or is India sharing its wealth with Bharat? PPN proposes to know the answer through its website debates and discussions. At present, land acquisitions in rural areas and villages by various states have thrown up the question of development at what cost? It has also opened the issue of India vs Bharat. Is India encroaching upon Bharat? Or is India sharing its wealth with Bharat?

PPN proposes to know the answer through its website debates and discussions.

Another topic for debate is "Religion divides - Culture unites"