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Low-cost Housing

Housing has emerged as one of the most essential needs of urban India. In cities and towns across the country, affordable housing is a dream for most people. They struggle their entire lives in order to acquire a roof over their heads; some succeed and most others do not. PPN believes that low-cost housing is an area that holds tremendous potential for growth in the decades to come. Here an NGO such as PPN has a role to play, a challenge to face and a goal to achieve. Owing to the magnitude of the task on hand, governments both at state and central levels, need the support of various other organizations to venture into this field, dominated today by exploitative builders and property developers.

PPN shall carry our surveys with the help of civil society organizations about the availability of vast stretches of land, which is currently held by government agencies and private parties at nominal lease. PPN will then make proposals, involving committed construction companies, to execute low-cost housing schemes, especially for the poor and low-income groups. PPN will soon start looking at the city of Mumbai and its surrounding areas for possible sites for undertaking its first low-cost housing scheme and take it up with the highest authorities at both state and central levels.