People's Power of Nation

True Patriotism is Service to People

Towards Economic Empowerment, Social Justice & Equal Opportunity.

Our Team

People’s Power of Nation (PPN) is a Non-Government Organization committed to serving the society. PPN recognizes that People are the most important resource of a nation. Empowering the people, especially the under-privileged, is PPN’s main objective. PPN believes that empowerment ensures social justice, which in turn provides equal opportunities for all. PPN is committed to the concept that True Patriotism is Service to the People.

PPN comprises committed field workers and volunteers at village level monitoring various state and central schemes and experts with insights into Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) initiatives and their implementation and advisors to promote the organization’s objectives through print,electronic and social media. Besides its own website, PPN proposes to make its presence felt on Facebook and twitter. Modern technology should be used to the best advantage of PPN to maximize its social impact.

PPN’s mission is evolve itself both as a facilitator and as an initiator of various projects in the fields of education, healthcare, low-cost housing, sanitation, working on its own and alongside concerned government and private sector agencies towards achieving its goals and objectives.

PPN shall strive to reach out to various national and international aid agencies, corporate companies and individuals for raising funds to carry out its projects.

PPN is proactive rather than reactive. The organization proposes to monitor various ongoing schemes of both government and state-funded agencies in their implementation and intervene if necessary, directly and with the help of media or through the mechanism of PILs.

PPN shall also support and even participate in Civil Society initiatives that fight against violation of individual rights, prolonged detention without trial, an all other efforts aimed at uplifting the under-privileged and improving their living conditions.

PPN shall actively tap social networks and other means to influence the civil society and institutions and businesses connected with it and even the government of the day through the organization’s initiatives.