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CSR Initiatives

Under India's new Companies Act, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative is mandatory for profit-making companies both in the public and private sectors. With CSR now playing a vital role in drawing up corporate policies, companies have zeroed down to a few focus areas that will ensure inclusive growth and sustainable progress towards development. PPN intends to follow up with corporate companies on their CSR plans and see if it could play the role of a facilitator in their implementation. With an estimated Rs. 20,000 crores of funds flowing into the CSR sector annually, scores of NGOs are vying with each other for a share in it.

PPN thinks that the areas of environment sustainability, children's education, primary healthcare and women empowerment hold promise for future CSR activities in which it can play a role. Among the activities that encompass environment sustainability are preservation and promotion of water resources, rainwater harvesting and conservation of forest springs, ponds and lakes. Most companies are organizing village-level awareness groups and community activities, besides campaigns on preserving natural resources, training of community leaders. A number of them are tying up with NGOs to help manage forestation and train local communities on forest management, an area PPN proposes to step into.

CSR Mandate

The CSR Mandate, the first of its kind in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), is brought out by New Media, India's largest bilateral trade and community magazine publishing house. CSR Mandate is devoted to the promotion of CSR activities undertaken by various companies, corporate entities and NGOs. The magazine aims at bringing together policy makers, corporate companies and communities working towards similar goals of improving the quality of lives of the majority of the people, especially the poor and underprivileged in Indian society. The publication provides direction to various CSR players working towards building a harmonious society where growth becomes inevitable, powered by educated, skilled and well-informed citizens.

CSR Mandate also proactively identifies various CSR initiatives and opportunities for companies and their major stakeholders and the challenges involved. It also identifies geographical areas and the demographical focus they needed. The magazine facilitates the fusion of the vision and integration of activities of governments, corporate entities and NGOS.

CSR Mandate magazine

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