People's Power of Nation

True Patriotism is Service to People

Towards Economic Empowerment, Social Justice & Equal Opportunity.

Our Associates

Tarun Foundation and Young India are PPN's Associates. PPN proposes to take along with it other associates, either established by the NGO itself or those who share the organization's philosophy, passion and commitment to serve the society.

Tarun Foundation will strive to draw into its fold youth with a desire to undertake social service as their career and life goal. There are many youths, both in the rural areas and towns and cities in this country who are awaiting to be motivated to undertake such a mission.

Young India proposes to tap the creative potential in the youth through various activities, to which a reference has been made in the Mission statement earlier. These activities cover various disciplines of fine arts and help spot and utilize the creative energy that is hidden and latent among the youth and to channelize it.