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Religion Divides – Culture Unites

Religion belongs to some; culture belongs to all. That's the PPN's universal message to the peoples and nations of different religions and cultures across the world. PPN believes that In this regard India has always been a role model. India is a country, where religion and culture have no borders since time immemorial. They have intermingled with each other into a single entity of unity for centuries. That is the meaning of fusion in its deepest sense.

Culture connects communities; especially the youth. That's what Social Media is striving to do today. But it cannot replace or displace culture. Imagine the ecstasy of Gods and the mortals alike when Bismillah Khan played the shehnai in a Varanasi temple; or, think about Kumar Gandharva singing Kabir's dohas in Delhi's Shri Ram Auditorium. It's one and the same, fusion and unity. Or look at Bollywood; it has done much more for Hindi than all the governments put together in all these years. Bollywood has no discrimination. It has also promoted Urdu, the language of lyrics. There is no clash of cultures in Bollywood; it only reflects their fusion and unity.

Keeping the above background in view, PPN proposes to set up an institution, tentatively named, National Institute of Culture, to drive home the point that culture unites the nation and that it is the country's sustaining life force in times of stress. PPN is currently developing various ideas in this regard.

PPN would like to follow the above mentioned path of bringing cultures together to make the Idea of India stronger. It proposes to invite every visitor to the website to participate in this venture.